How to Set up a meeting with Councilmember Juarez on District Office Days

March 28th, 2016

I want to meet with you!

Every day my office receives requests for meetings at my district office, and believe me I want to get to them all. We have created a District Office Meeting Request Form to expedite requests. This form will help us get people on the calendar quickly and save you time. Just fill out the form, tell us who you are, what you want to discuss and when you are available. Our District Director, Sabrina, will get in touch with you to put you on the schedule! Please allow for up to one week to have your meeting confirmed.

Due to the quantity of requests we receive and my desire to give each constituent the time they need, we are not able to accommodate drop-in meetings at this time. You will need to be scheduled to guarantee a meeting. If you are unable to complete the form, please call my office at 206-684-8805 for assistance.

Find the form below. Thank you and we will see you soon!



Sound Transit 3 – Draft Plan

March 24th, 2016

District 5 is a transit-dependent community experiencing exponential growth. Sound Transit 3 represents a major shift in the way people will move around our region for the next century. We need a light rail station at NE 130th Street to address future housing and job growth around our readily available mass transit system.

Our station would service the critical east-west corridor including Pinehurst, Lake City, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake via frequent and reliable busses. With the approval of ST3 and the NE 130th Street Station, we would begin the process of engaging the community in 2008324070concurrent planning for a brand-new, walkable, and transit-rich urban village, right in the heart of District 5.

The draft Sound Transit 3 proposal designates the potential boon of a NE 130th Street Station as a “provisional” project. This means that no funding is currently included in the package, and that the Sound Transit board would need to secure funding to make this station a reality. This is unacceptable.

I will be a fierce advocate for funding the NE 130th station in Sound Transit 3. I would like to invite every community member who supports our vision to join us in making their voices heard at April’s public comment sessions and by submitting statements of support to Sound Transit starting 3/29.

Finally, I thank Mayor Murray and Councilmember Johnson for their work on the Sound Transit board and their support of the NE 130th station. I look forward to continuing the fight for our transit future with these dedicated leaders.


Happy International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2016

To all those that fight for the rights of women and girls throughout the city, state, nation and the world, I was pleased to sponsor a Seattle City Council proclamation declaring March 8, 2016 International Women’s Day.

I would like to give a special thank you to the Seattle Women’s Commission for partnering with my office to write the Seattle International Women’s Day Proclamation. Thanks to their work, and the support of my colleagues, Seattle joined other cities, counties and countries across the world that are also celebrating International Women’s Day today.IMG_20160307_141807

On this day we remember both the accomplishments and the fights still left to win. We are seeing women outpace men in attaining college degrees, but continue to be under-represented in leadership positions both in the private and public sectors. We are seeing unprecedented numbers of women running for elected office, however we continue to see women occupying far less than 50% of the seats at all levels government (with Seattle as one of the exceptions governing with a new female majority). We are seeing more and more women with access to healthcare, but we are still fighting for fair and untethered access to the whole range of reproductive care. We are seeing more women accomplishing their goals and being role models for younger generations, but we continue to see violence against women including street harassment and work place harassment which continues to be a daily occurrence for so many women. We are far from the conditions our ancestors fought, but we still have work to do for the next generations.

March 8th signifies the shared history, struggle and accomplishments of women all across the globe. While we are all very different and have very different experiences, we are all women. Thank you again for joining me today in celebration of International Women’s Day.


District Office Grand Opening – Moving Along Strong

February 29th, 2016

The City Hall Scoop

  • Committee work plan – City Council will soon be passing the official work plans for all our committees. These work plans will form the outline of what we will accomplish in our committees over the coming year. I chair the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Waterfront Committee, and we have a lot of good things lined up in our plan, including:
    • Creating a Community Center Strategic Plan
    • Modifying our Off-Leash Dog Area City Plan
    • Oversight of Libraries and Seattle Center specific projects (including Key Arena)
    • Waterfront design, compliance, and inter-governmental agreements (not including the tunnel or seawall projects)
  • This month the City’s Office of Planning and Community Development announced Lake City will be the launching ground for their new integrated approach to city planning. Mayor Murray and I were joined by community members who have long been fighting for coordinated planning and investments, as well as several directors of city departments. The announcement comes with a commitment from city departments to do the hard work of coordinating their efforts, as well as announcements for new projects and programming to help improve the Lake City core. Anticipated investments include: 20 new blocks of sidewalks, a new affordable housing development for families making minimum wage, a new Lake City preschool center, a new park at 33rd Ave and 125th, public safety improvements, Thornton Creek restoration, and more!


KIRO 7 Coverage

  • 2016 Housing Levy – The Housing Levy discussion is just starting to take off. Last renewed by voters in 2009, the Housing Levy was last passed in 2009 and has been the cornerstone of Seattle’s strategy to provide more affordable housing. The 2009 Housing Levy is coming to a close at the end of 2016 and Mayor Murray is proposing to renew the levy to help address our homelessness crisis Soon, the Council will be voting on whether to place the Mayor’s proposal on the ballot for consideration by the voters.. We will be having a series of community meetings and council discussion about the proposal. My staff attended a meeting in Lake City on Saturday February 20th to hear from neighbors what they are thinking about the renewal of the levy. My colleagues and I will be having a series of meetings to discuss the levy; the first meeting will be at 10:30am on March 14th following the council briefing. Additionally, we will hold a Public Hearing on April 4th starting at 5:30pm at City Hall. You can also send us an email with your thoughts on the housing levy and complete this survey from the Office of Housing: 2016 Seattle Housing Levy Proposal Feedback Survey


The District 5 Scoop

  • District Tour – We went on our first District Tour this month, and I’m very proud to say we had a terrific time engaging with community members and receiving constructive feedback on what our district needs from City Hall. We met with representatives from Northhaven –a very-well run senior living community, North Helpline –one of our premier service providers providing food and emergency services to thousands of people, and Mary’s Place –one of the newest service providers in District 5 which provides shelter and support for families experiencing homelessness. We learned about the great work people are doing and the lasting impacts they are making to improve our communities. We also had a reception at the Shanty Tavern where neighbors joined together for good conversation and community building. Thank you to all who came out! Keep in mind this is just the first tour in a series. If you have ideas for future tour stops please feel free to send them to our District Director Sabrina Bolieu at

IMG_20160219_141303More Photos

  • Office Grand Opening – The big day has come and you are invited! We are having the Grand Opening for our District 5 office at North Seattle College on Friday, March 4th from 4pm-7pm. Our regular office hours will be Fridays from 10 am -3 pm, at North Seattle College Room #1451. We hope you will stop by for our Grand Opening, o when we open for visitors starting March 11th. We will have opportunities for constituents to sign up for meetings during those office hours. Please RSVP to let us know you are coming!


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Off and Running

February 3rd, 2016

The City Hall scoop

  • First Committee meeting on January 21st – I am so proud to be the chair of the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries, and Waterfront committee. This month, we had Parks Superintendent Jesus Aguirre come and present the department’s 2015 accomplishments and give us a preview of their 2016 work plan. There are a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe this year. We will be seeing comprehensive plans for staff and programming at our community centers, new policies regarding off-leash areas for dogs, and new parks being developed. I am excited to announce there are 14 sites the city plans to re-develop into new park space. Construction will begin on five of these sites this year and one of the first five is in District 5’s Lake City neighborhood at NE 125th St and 33rd Ave NE.
  • In addition to my City committee assignments I am also one of two Seattle representatives on the King County Regional Policy Committee (RPC). On January 13th, members were presented with an update on trends in disproportionality in the juvenile justice system and we discussed ways to improve outcomes for kids.  At the next meeting, the RPC will be confirming its 2016 work plan which will likely include review of the implementation plan for the Best Starts for Kids Levy, regional planning for housing and homelessness, and regional economic development plans.

The District 5 scoop

  • Challenge Grant – This month we heard about an exciting new opportunity in which I would really like to see our District 5 neighbors and community organizations have a chance to participate. Do you know of a Seattle public park or recreation facility that needs some major improvements ($2 million or more)? Can you think of some potential partners in the community who would be willing to match the dollars this grant invests? Does the project benefit an underserved community and provide a significant improvement for this community? Then you should consider this opportunity!
    • Proposals due March 31 – don’t delay if you have a great idea for how to improve your local park!
    • Learn more about the Major Projects Challenge Grant here
    • Learn more about the Municipal Park District here
    • Please feel free to contact our office if you are having any trouble with the application process

I was really excited to attend some great events this month, from incredibly emotional events celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  and the One Night Count to informative and energetic events with the North Seattle Chamber at Elliot Bay Brewery and a Community Conversation with Lake City Future First. We are getting out and about and can’t wait to open our district office (more information coming soon!).

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