How to Set up a meeting with Councilmember Juarez on District Office Days

I want to meet with you!

Every day my office receives requests for meetings at my district office, and believe me I want to get to them all. We have created a District Office Meeting Request Form to expedite requests. This form will help us get people on the calendar quickly and save you time. Just fill out the form, tell us who you are, what you want to discuss and when you are available. Our District Director, Sabrina, will get in touch with you to put you on the schedule! Please allow for up to one week to have your meeting confirmed.

Due to the quantity of requests we receive and my desire to give each constituent the time they need, we are not able to accommodate drop-in meetings at this time. You will need to be scheduled to guarantee a meeting. If you are unable to complete the form, please call my office at 206-684-8805 for assistance.

Find the form below. Thank you and we will see you soon!


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