Sound Transit 3 – Draft Plan

District 5 is a transit-dependent community experiencing exponential growth. Sound Transit 3 represents a major shift in the way people will move around our region for the next century. We need a light rail station at NE 130th Street to address future housing and job growth around our readily available mass transit system.

Our station would service the critical east-west corridor including Pinehurst, Lake City, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake via frequent and reliable busses. With the approval of ST3 and the NE 130th Street Station, we would begin the process of engaging the community in 2008324070concurrent planning for a brand-new, walkable, and transit-rich urban village, right in the heart of District 5.

The draft Sound Transit 3 proposal designates the potential boon of a NE 130th Street Station as a “provisional” project. This means that no funding is currently included in the package, and that the Sound Transit board would need to secure funding to make this station a reality. This is unacceptable.

I will be a fierce advocate for funding the NE 130th station in Sound Transit 3. I would like to invite every community member who supports our vision to join us in making their voices heard at April’s public comment sessions and by submitting statements of support to Sound Transit starting 3/29.

Finally, I thank Mayor Murray and Councilmember Johnson for their work on the Sound Transit board and their support of the NE 130th station. I look forward to continuing the fight for our transit future with these dedicated leaders.

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