Weekly Update 8/14-8/18

Today at Full Council

  • There was 1 item from the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Waterfront Committee:
    1. Lake Washington Moorages Agreement, for management of the public moorages on Lake Washington (Approved at Full Council 5-3)
  • Also on the Full Council Agenda we has the KeyArena Resolution. This resolution memorializes the agreements and benchmarks we have laid out. This resolution does not commit the Council to approving the MOU and will not in any way impact the Council’s commitment to due diligence and upholding the City’s fiduciary responsibilities. This resolution does say the Council is resolved to review the MOU that is transmitted, the Council will maintain authority to approve all subsequent agreements, and the Council will be ensure the MOU meets the City’s expectations, especially those laid out in the RFP.

Up coming events and activities

  • My staff will be attending the Find It Fix It Walk in Little Brook tonight. Little Brook is a dense and growing community that is just at the edge of the City and District 5. This is a great opportunity for neighbors to identifying new ways for the City to support their community.
  • The Low Income Housing Institute is having a ground breaking ceremony for the new family housing development in Lake City on Tuesday 8/15.
  • On Monday 8/14 Select Committee on Civic Arenas will meet. This discussion will be about the project timeline, including a little more of an overview of what the work for the City will look like after the MOU is drafted. We will also talk about the new Community Advisory Group that has been formed to provide additional feedback to the City as this process moved forward.
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